With Vision, you will enjoy high levels of performance, availability, and security; employ more productive management and development tools; and deliver pervasive insight with powerful business intelligence and data mining.

Vision is considered the glue between the latest technologies; from database, to visualization and customization, to full integration with Office applications, and is capable to embed any web based technology…



Stored procedures are lines of code that can be called by the application, before executing any add-on. They are placed on the server, and they are pre-compiled for quicker response times. Stored procedures require the knowledge of SQL Server syntax, which is called T-SQL (transaction SQL).



On top of MS SQL Server’s security, Vision has a very granular user rights. Managers can set each user’s right to view, edit, add, delete, approve, un-approve, post, un-post, view main layout and customize any form of any module. These rights can also be more granular, where fields can be set to be viewed or not, updated or not, and the admin can also apply predefined masks.



Transaction logs are objects on the SQL Server that record the retrieval, update and deletion of records. There are two reasons to keep transaction logs. The first is for rollback procedures. This process is used for accidental updates or deletions. The administrator can return records back to the original data by using transaction logs. Secondly, the transaction logs can be used for security purposes. If the administrator suspects a breach of security, he can watch the transaction logs for any type of data retrieval and identify the severity of the breach.



SQL Server has an automatic backup option. The SQL Server automatically saves a copy of the database and the transaction logs on another hard drive or media like a CD-ROM or a DVD or any external device. SQL Server also has procedures that allow the administrator to quickly restore a database when data is lost or corrupted, or the server has a hard drive crash.


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